About us….


Elsam Equestrian Solutions a family owned and operated business bringing the equestrian sport into the 21st century. Our aim is to provide the latest technology and professional assistance to help our clients to focus on their own riding technique to achieve better communication with their horse. We value providing a quality, approachable and comfortable environment in which to learn and progress your riding ability.

Our Director and Coach, Emily Morgan-Brown, is one of only four Gold Level qualified Simulator Coaches in the world. Emily has been riding horses since she was five and gentling them since her mid teens. She is also a qualified Fitness Instructor. She discovered the simulator when wanting to concentrate on her own technique without frustrating her horse. The idea of providing a simulator for the Queensland riding community was born!

“Cedric doesn’t replace a real horse,” Emily insists, “He is a tool to better equips us, as riders, to handle our horses. Using the simulator is like a pilot learning to fly. Equestrian simulators help you to establish a balanced, precise and gentle mode of communication with your horse.”

Emily says her job is not to replace your riding coach. “The simulator is a ‘universal language’. The translation of that language still requires the expertise of coaches to help you adapt your learning from the simulator to suit your individual horse.” 

“Horses are the same as us, they learn differently, have unique personalities and handle situations in different ways. The simulator will help build your confidence in your own abilities, as well as polish technique and rider aids. In this way, coaches can then spend more time on the education of horse and rider as a team.”