He/she does here! Imagine the opportunity to be able to hear your horse tell you where you are not quite right… Accelerate your rider education with Elsam Equestrian Solutions….

Any horse riding enthusiast knows that riding isn’t easy. Part of the joy and challenge of riding is being able to communicate with the magnificent animal beneath you.

Have you ever wondered why your horse isn’t quite understanding what you want?Have you ever wished you could refine your technique? Have never ridden and always wanted to? You can find the answer here!

Elsam Equestrian Solutions opens a new era of rider education, using the latest technology to help you and your coach improve your riding technique.

Our state-of-the-art equestrian simulator, “Cedric”, is programmed to give you up to and including Grand Prix Dressage, Advanced Show Jumping and Advanced Cross Country riding experience.

Cedric allows you to concentrate completely on your technique without having to worry about what your own horse is thinking feeling and doing.

“Cedric” has been now twelve months in progress as it has taken this long to order, build and ship him to us here in QLD. He is one of only two Eventing Simulators in Australia and the first of his kind for QLD, made by UK based equestrian simulator experts,  Racewood Ltd.

As you ride the simulator in front of three panoramic wide view screens, Cedric can provide real time feedback on your riding as you negotiate the dressage arena, show jumping or cross country course.

With a Gold Level Simulator Coach to guide you and work in with your own instructor, printable feedback from your jumping performance, Cedric can tell you what your horse wishes you already knew!

image1.jpegNavigating the dressage arena

image2.jpegInstructional screen for jumping

image3.jpegInstructional screen for dressage

image4.jpegShow jumping course


















‘Cedric is the ultimate school Master! He’s such a great option to identify your riding strengths and weaknesses’ – Justine, Samford QLD

‘Cedric provides an amazing opportunity to help improve your riding, with real time feedback, while being supported by the engaging and professional owner / instructor – Emily’ – Keira, Beachmere QLD


The Cedders Club

‘I just finished the dressage study and have loved what Emily and Cedric have helped with. Being able to improve my riding means I make my communication more clear and right for my horse – which in turn means he will try more for me!’ – Laurel Narangba QLD

’25 Years harness driving tends to meddle with your balance, core and rein sensitivity somewhat. Along came Cedric! This past few months has been a myriad of small injuries, so all riding has been ‘in house’ with Emily. After 11 weeks, I was able to get back on and produce the goods – rider fit and right where we left off. If you want to work on specifics, I highly recommend Cedric’ – Lynda, Beachmere QLD

‘Cedric gives realtime feedback on rein pressure, side to side balance as well as front to back balance. Th information you get about how your body is moving when riding you can bring back home and put into practice on our own horses. As well as that – Its great fun!’ Lyn, Capalaba QLD

‘Had my first ride on Cedric, absolutely loved it! Totally recommend it to anyone who owns a horse! I learned so much about my riding and how to improve in the short time I was there…’ Michele QLD

‘Cedric is politely pointing out where I’m lacking in my balance and aids – can wait for the next session!’ Emma QLD